Acatenango Hike from Antigua Guatemala – Sleep in Cabin

10:00 PM – Pickup from your hotel in Antigua Guatemala (hotel location must be within the central town of Antigua, otherwise, the meeting point is Cafe La Parada in front of Iglesia La Merced).

11:15 PM – Arrival in the Villa La Soledad. 

11:30 PM – Start the hike. 

1:00 AM – Time to rest and eat.

4:00 AM – Arrival at Acatenango Summit.

5:30 AM – View the Sunrise.

6:00 AM – Descend Acatenango.

9:00 AM – Arrival in Villa la Soledad.

10:15 AM – Return to Antigua Guatemala.

11:30 PM-  Arrival in Antigua Guatemala

Price for Group 1-4 People

$139.00 $119.00 14.4% OFF

Get to know the tour

Safe round transportation from Antigua Guatemala to Acatenango Volcano and vice-versa. In a private vehicle for up to 4 people.
Local Guide with Basic English (Local Guides service is mainly provided to guide you through the hike and keep you in safe places, they don’t talk too much about interesting facts about the volcano)
Jacket, gloves and woolen cap.

After you leave Antigua Guatemala you’ll get to our storage site in Jocotenango where we will provide you with your equipment (jacket, gloves, woolen cap for the cold, and menu) if you want to rent a backpack, flashlights, and other things you can pay in cash here. Then, we will go straight to Aldea La Soledad at the base of Acatenango, your journey begins with a simple yet crucial step—General instructions about the tour. Local guides will introduce themselves and provide general information and instructions for your safety. After this short introduction, you’ll start the hike.

One hour later you’ll get to a restaurant where you can buy some food if you want or go to the restroom. The second stop is hours later when you get to La Piedra where you have lunch. After resting for a moment and gaining energy with the food, you go straight to the base camp. Depending on the group speed you will be getting to the base camp between 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm. If you booked the Fuego Volcano Walk you will continue your hike to Fuego Volcano. The round trip takes around 3 more hours. After that, you’ll have dinner.

  • Flashlight (we rent Q50 per unit)Cash to
  • pay the Volcano Entrance Fee (Q100 per person)
  • Backpack
  • Extra warm clothes
  • Trekking Pole
  • Scarf or buff
  • 2 Pair of socks
  • Raincoat (just in case)
  • Chocolates
  • Fruit
  • Candies
  • Energy Drink or Coca
  • Cola
  • Extra snacks
  • Additional Food
  • At least 2 or 3 liters of water
  • Solar protection
  • Cap
  • Mosquitos Repellent
  • Toilet Paper
  • One extra outfit
  • Appropriate sports or trekking shoes

Approximately 14 horas

Difficult. You must have a good physical condition to complete this hike

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